The Art and Design of Activism

In our first week of design activism, we visited the imperial war museum to look at Peter Kennard’s political art exhibition. I noticed the main theme of his work is politics and he confronts these issues face on, his artwork is expressive and sometimes controversial and shocking and thats what makes his work so interesting. […]

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Space, Disobedience and Control

In this seminar,  I understood how space around us is controlled and owned by large corporations who have privatised space meaning the public must obey when they are in their private space  which results in strengthened social division. I dislike the idea of space becoming privatised and owned by people because it means that if […]

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CTS; Design Activism 1

Peter Kennard’s Exhibition in The Imperial War Museum His exhibition was highly insightful and it was clear he had a lot of political issues to address. His use of medium from collages to paintings were interesting and communicated efficiently. I was particularly interested in the series of charcoal drawings of children who were not given […]

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Term 2: Liquid Vibrations

Liquid Vibration Contextual Research Trustees: Adele Drake John Newth Mike Bettridge Promoting Relaxation Enhancing general wellbeing Providing educational and emotional benefits Weekly sessions over one school term Training sessions with the school staff and careers in the watsu technique Considered a life skill Sound played via underwater speakers Only heard and felt via participants in […]

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Laura Mulvey “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema Review

In ”Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, (Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (1975) – Laura Mulvey, 1975) film feminist Laura Mulvey, writes a psycoanalytical theoretical essay exploring “the male gaze” in films, in particular, the work of Alfred Hitchcock and his use of the main characters voyeurism and fetish habits towards women. Mulvey explains the sexual […]

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